Hooded Plover

Thinornis rubricollis

Family: Charadridae

Vulnerable in South Australia where there are around 600 birds, with less than 50 Hooded Plovers found on the Fleurieu Peninusla.

Length: 19ó23 cm Height: 10 cm Wingspan: 36-44 cm Weight: 90-100 gm
The Hooded Plover is a small bird found on Australiaís southern ocean beaches, including the Fleurieu Peninsula. These birds like surf beaches and like to nest where we like to walk, between the high-water mark and in the sand dunes. Hoodies live on our beaches year round, but make their nests on the sand from August to March


  They nest on the sand so watch your foot steps


  They protect their babies from the heat and predators

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